Fleet management is a complex task that requires organization, adaptability, and resources. No two businesses are the same, and therefore, no two business fleets are the same. Understanding and managing your business fleet in-house may be right for you, however, it may be best for your business to outsource this task. This article will provide insight into how fleet management with Toomey Leasing Group could help your business.

Ease Business Pressure

When outsourcing your fleet management, you’re able to offload a large amount of work that’s associated with the management of your fleet. Perhaps your fleet is growing, and your current in-house fleet management team is struggling to keep up with demand. If this is the case, using our services could be the ideal solution for you. As Toomey Leasing Group can work with your existing team to reduce the workload keeping your fleet operations as efficient as possible.

Perhaps, you do not have a fleet management department and the responsibility of the fleet falls to a director or HR manager. The often-complex task of running your fleet could be taking important attention away from other key areas of the business. Once again outsourcing the management of your fleet could be a great option in this scenario as it will ensure vital time and attention can be directed into the areas of your business that matter.

Not to mention the residual effect this will have on employee motivation and subsequent efficiency. By having a dedicated fleet management service, you can significantly ease pressure on multiple departments within your business.

Increased Expertise

Being a fleet manager requires a large set of skills and experience, which your current staff may not possess; particularly if you do not have a designated fleet management team. Finding such experience will cost your business time and money in recruitment. When you outsource your fleet management with Toomey Leasing Group you are placing the management of your fleet in the hands of an expert, which could be cost-effective in the long run.

If you already have the infrastructure to have fleet management in-house, you may have the expertise you need. However, sometimes, especially when your fleet is growing, or if you’re working on a project having a fresh pair of eyes could be useful. Toomey Leasing Group has a vast array of knowledge and experience when it comes to fleet management and offers a consultancy service for when just an occasion arises.

Cost Efficiency

Having an effective fleet management infrastructure set up internally can be a huge initial cost, as well as a large running cost. From the aforementioned staff cost to running costs such as fleet management software and tools. Of course, there is a cost involved when using a fleet management company. However, you have cost savings by avoiding the larger setup and the responsibility of running costs.

At Toomey Leasing Group we will tailor a package to be unique for your business’s needs meaning everything you require, so you can avoid any unexpected fleet costs as everything will be included in one price. 

Operational Efficiency

Toomey Leasing group offers a wide variety of Fleet Management Services which improve the efficiency of your fleet operations. Services such as Fleet Risk Management are designed to reduce claims against your business fleet by minimising potential accidents. Of course, this keeps insurance costs low, but it also allows your fleet to be on the road for longer. Having an accident-free fleet means higher fleet efficiency, lower wear and tear, and happier drivers.

Another important tool used in making sure your fleet operates at its optimum efficiency is the Mileage Capture Service. Mileage Capture is a vehicle tracking tool, which allows you to monitor the mileage of your fleet. Knowing the exact mileage of your fleet allows you to track the needs of your fleet such as their maintenance schedules, as well as ensuring you are getting the maximum mileage possible for your fleet of vehicles.

Additionally, if your fleet is operating under your current mileage allowance, you can utilize this information to tailor your contract requirements.  Overall, by using a fleet management company you could be saving on operational costs in the long term.

Still Not Sure?

Ultimately, how your fleet is organised and managed is a crucial business decision and directly impacts how your business operates day-to-day. Making such a decision is not an easy task, and that’s where we can help. Whether you need complete fleet management, or your business needs partial management to coincide with your existing setup Toomey Leasing Group can advise and implement the most optimal fleet management strategy. 

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