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Toomey Leasing Group will provide your business with a smooth transition to EV and help reap the benefits of EV. With solutions for charging points, electric vehicle salary sacrifice and EV tax savings.

Discover the benefits of going electric in your business fleet. With the ban on sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, you may be considering making the switch to EV for your fleet. While there are many benefits of electric vehicles, there are also challenges to consider. 

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Are you planning to switch to an Electric Fleet?

It can be a daunting decision to move your business to running an electric fleet. It is therefore important to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles.


Running a fleet of EV’s can have huge upsides for the right kind of business. Business can expect to benefit from

  • Low BIK Tax for its drivers
  • Free travel inside low emission zones
  • Reduced National Insurance Contributions
  • Lowered Maintenance costs
  • Can benefit from free parking
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Good public image


Making the leap to an EV fleet is a big step. There are things businesses need to be aware of before they make the change. For example, EVs are often more expensive to buy outright, you have a vehicle’s electric range to consider as well as the location of public chargers.

Running an EV fleet may not suit every business, but if you are curious or want to make an environmental change to your business, speak to one of our team today and we can find the best solution for your business

Read our alternative fuels guide for a more in-depth look into running an electric fleet

What are the charging options?

When it comes to EV charging, there are a number of factors to consider. Can you charge your EV at home? Do you have off street parking? Or perhaps you are interested in government grants for electric charging points. At Toomey Leasing Group we can help you find the best option for you and your business.

Charging at work

It may be more practical for you to charge your EV at work, or you may be looking to provide a charging solution for your electric fleet. The Workplace Charging Scheme provides support for eligible business to install electric charging points at their place of work. Speak with our team and we can help you through the process.

Charging at home

There are two options for charging your electric vehicle at home. Firstly, you can charge using a mains socket. While it is a great way to start, it could take up to 24 hours to charge your EV to 100%, depending on your vehicle.

The second option you have, is to install a dedicated charging box from a company like Hive or PodPoint. This will allow you to charge much faster, and you may be able to monitor the spending through an app.

Charging on the go

Charging your EV on the road has never been easier. There are over 40,000 public charging points in the UK, with more being added every day. Apps like ZAPMAP help you to plan your route and locate charging point. They even tell you the price and estimated charging time before you get there.

Speak with your dedicated account manager or a member of our team to find out if an electric fleet will suit your business

If you need any additional information when making the switch to EV vehicles, please complete the form below and a member of the team will contact you shortly. 



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