Recent research has unveiled a significant trend in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among UK employers.

With 48% already equipped with EV chargers and 32% planning investments in charging infrastructure within the next year, the study sheds light on the evolving landscape of workplace charging.

The Drive Towards Electrification

Motivated by the broader transition to electric vehicles across the globe, an overwhelming 91% of businesses with existing workplace charging infrastructure intend to expand it over the next five years.

There are several benefits driving the adoption of electric cars and vans in the workplace, including sustainability, long-term cost savings, and reputational enhancement. However, the initial short-term investment remains a significant barrier, with half of businesses citing it as their primary concern.

Opportunities for Implementation

Another concern for businesses has been the level of Government support. That being said, the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) offers grants of up to 75%, or £350 per socket, of the upfront costs for charge point installation. However, awareness of such incentives remains limited.

One in three respondents admitted being unaware of EV grants and financial support. As businesses seek guidance on implementing workplace charging schemes, addressing these gaps in knowledge becomes essential. With momentum strong across all sectors, facilitating knowledge and providing tailored guidance to the next wave of EV adopters becomes paramount.

As the UK accelerates its transition towards electric mobility and energy efficient driving, this research from Drax Electric Vehicles (see more details here) highlights both the progress made and the challenges ahead. By addressing barriers and enhancing awareness of available support schemes, businesses can navigate the shift to electric with confidence.

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