Volkswagen are reiterating their commitment to making electric driving more accessible. By 2027, the automotive giant plans to launch a new electric model priced at approximately £17,000 to provide an affordable option for European consumers. In turn, this will provide cost-effective leasing options for those looking to explore electric driving for company needs.

What is causing the push for more cost-effective EVs?

This strategic move is a direct response to the increasing presence of competitively priced Chinese-manufactured EVs in the European market. The upcoming low-emission car will be designed and manufactured in Europe, underlining Volkswagen’s dedication to supporting local industry, whilst still catering to the specific needs of European customers. It will complement the Cupra Raval and VW ID2, set to launch in 2025.

Volkswagen has long been associated with providing affordable mobility solutions. The company focuses on entry-level electric vehicles for European industry and consumers, with a strong industrial policy.

Government Regulations

With regular Government mandates, the future of automotive transportation is undoubtedly electric. However, the widespread adoption of electric cars hinges on the availability of attractive, entry-level options. Volkswagen is determined to fulfill its promise of making electric mobility accessible to all. Despite challenges such as rising costs for energy, materials, and raw resources, Volkswagen is committed to setting high standards for technology, design, quality, and customer experience in the entry-level segment.

Volkswagen's role histroically

By aligning with European industrial strengths and addressing the market’s demands, Volkswagen aims to lead the charge in making electric vehicles a viable option for a broader audience. This initiative not only reinforces Volkswagen’s historical role in providing affordable mobility but also positions it as a key figure in the future of sustainable transportation in Europe.

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