Connected Kerb is leading a nationwide rollout of smart charging technology, promising cheaper electricity rates at public charge points. This innovative feature, deployed across its extensive network, enables drivers to schedule charging during off-peak hours, optimising costs for electric vehicle drivers and alleviating grid pressure.

What's the aim?

This transformation of public smart charging emphasises a potential future of fairer, greener, and more affordable charging infrastructure. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between EV owners with home chargers and those without, leveling the playing field for all drivers.

How much can you save?

Under this scheme, drivers can enjoy overnight tariffs as low as £0.45 per kWh, potentially saving up to £222 annually on charging costs. By harnessing cheaper off-peak energy, Connected Kerb maximises the utilisation of renewable energy sources and eases strain on the grid.

Where is the rollout happening?

The rollout will commence this month, with the majority of Connected Kerb’s 6,000 existing charge points, and an additional 4,000 to be deployed by year-end, set to offer smart charging capabilities by 2025. The initial rollout will benefit regions like Lincoln, Scarborough, Ryedale, and Sunderland.

How does it work?

Drivers can leverage Connected Kerb’s smart charging capabilities by scheduling charging sessions via the company’s app, starting from 7pm onwards. Charging initiates at midnight, running until 7 am or until the EV battery reaches full capacity, ensuring cost-effective and convenient charging experiences.

Government Targets

The business’ commitment to advancing EV infrastructure is further underscored by its recent partnership with South Tyneside Council, aiming to double the number of public charge points in the North East. With plans to install up to 2,100 charge points, this collaboration marks a significant stride towards the UK’s ambitious target of 300,000 charge points by 2030.

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