The new 100% electric Maxus T90EV Pickup truck is on its way! Available to order now the Maxus T90EV is the first all-electric pickup truck in the UK. The innovative Pickup will be delivering orders in Q1 2023. 

Exploring The Details

The Maxus T90 electric truck is identical in styling to its internal combustion engine counterpart so there has been no compromise in looks. Of course, the internal combustion engine has been replaced with an 88.5-kWh battery pack and a 150-kilowatt, or 201-horsepower electric motor.

In terms of performance, this translates to a WLTP Range Combined of 220 miles or 354 kilometres. With a maximum charging speed of 80 kW, the T90EV can be charged from approximately 20% to 80% in 45 minutes. 

Loading and Towing

The Maxus T90EV has a total payload of 1,000 kg. In terms of dimensions, the T90EV is comparable in size to the Ford Ranger with a length of 5,356 mm, a width of 1,900 mm, and a height of 1809 mm.  The towing capacity for the Maxus T90 EV is 1,500 kg.

Other Specification

The Maxus electric pickup has many other features that can come in handy, such as reversing cameras and parking sensors. The interior is also completed with a 10.25-inch touchscreen including mobile link, Bluetooth and MP5. 

Optional extras include an electric towbar, a front bumper winching pack, a hard top box and much more.

How does it compare?

When comparing the performance stats for the Maxus T90 to its diesel pick-up truck rivals, it can fall short with regards to a maximum payload and towing weight. Of course, this could cause problems for some business owners. Despite this, the T90EV of course has advantages of its own, ultimately, it depends on how your fleet operates. 

Being electric the Maxus T90 pickup has unique advantages over its diesel rivals. Firstly, you could save money financially from no road tax, and no charges when operating in clean air zones. To find out more about the benefits of switching to an electric fleet Click Here

Interested to find out more

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